Our Vision

We have the following visions:

  • We aim at earning the reputation of being a reliable manufacturer and a prominent name in the area of production of Chemical Intermediates and bulk drugs, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Citrate Malate.
  • We aim at being considered as a company setting benchmarks when it comes to production efficiency & excellence across the globe.
  • We see ourselves as an organization contributing to the success of our customers in the future.

Our Mission

While associating all short and long term strategies with the company's 'Vision' we shall:

  • Put our best foot forward in our R&D efforts to develop important generic alternatives for new drugs.
  • Create an operations environment that balances key objectives, quality and costs with a net resultant giving us competitive advantages over others.
  • "Dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of providing a respectful and rewarding work environment for our employees."

Our Product Range

Under Development Products

- Azelnidipine

Product Name
Methyl Paraben IP/BP/USP/EP
Propyl Paraben IP/BP/USP/EP
SodiumMethyl Paraben IP/BP/USP/EP
Sodium Propyl Paraben IP/BP/USP/EP
Sodium Citrate IP/BP/USP
Potassium Citrate IP/BP/USP
Citric Acid ( Mono ) IHS/Tech
Calcium Citrate USP
Calcium Citrate Malate IHS
Propyl Gallate IP/BP/USP/EP/NF
Levosulpiride IHS
Cilnidipine IHS
Iron (III) Hydroxide Poly Maltose Complex IHS
5 Chloro Salicylic Acid IHS

In addition, we are importing qualitative products such as PHPA (Para Hydro Benzoic Acid- Industrial Grade), Gallic Acid (Pharma Grade), and Citric Acid, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Citrate Malate for further development in our manufacturing facility.

Quality Control

As an ISO 140001 certified company, we are committed for offering the clients with quality products. Our commitment is amply supported by a modern Quality Control (QC) laboratory. The laboratory well-equipped for conducting various testing, which ultimately ensures that our products are pure, safe and effective. We employ stringent quality checking methods developed according to the Indian Pharmacopia (IP), British Pharmacopia (BP) and US Pharmacopia (USP) guidelines. The QC department has all the necessary instruments for analysis of API, finished products, packaging and related materials used.

To obtain flawless range of products, the QC department performs three types of quality inspection and quality checking activities, which are as follows.

  • RM/PM inspection- This process pertains to the obtainment of raw and packaging materials. The received materials go verification, sampling, under test, and Q.C. testing. At the end of the inspection the approved materials are sent for manufacturing purpose and the rejected materials are returned back to the supplier.
  • Finished products inspection- It pertains to the quality inspection of the products manufactured in our unit. The procedures include completion of batch of finished products, samplling by QA, unde test, Q.C. testing, preparation of reports and checking. After all these steps the approved products are sent for further processes and the rejected ones are sent for reprocessing. the various stages
  • In-process checks- The various steps involved in this process are receiving of in-process requisition along with sample, testing as per specs or requisition, and finally, results conveyed to production.

In addition, the quality team also conducts stability studies of the products. The entire QC activities are managed through three sections, which are:

  • Instrumental analysis and finished products
  • Wet analysis laboratory
  • Packaging material -testing laboratory.
In the production of our range, we use qualitative raw materials such as PHPA (Para Hydro Benzoic Acid- Industrial Grade), Gallic Acid (Pharma Grade), and Citric Acid, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Citrate Malate.


As per the requirements of our clients, we own two plants with varying capacities. We can manufacture products in small as well as bulk quantities without compromising on the quality parameters. These plants, incorporated with advanced equipment and machineries for manufacturing superlative quality APIs, Parabens and Citrates derivatives, are as follows:

  • Kilo Lab- Constructed in glass lined assembly of 50 lits. capacity and designed to offer developmental quantities of products besides, small volumes of high value products for high technology applications.
  • Commercial Chemical Plant- As we are aiming to acquire more space in the overseas markets, we have employed educated and experienced work force well-trained in their respective domain. Every stage of production and packaging is monitored by qualified supervisors and managers. Constructed in glass lined and stainless steel, the plant houses reactors with capacities varying from 500 lits to 2000 lits. It is designed and equipped to handle both solid and liquids, and supplying materials in bulk quantities from 500 kg to 1000 kg.

R & D

Our R & D centre is continuously engaged in research and development activities in order to understand the newer innovations in the field and be updated to meet the future challenges. And we believe that our team will always come up with successful solutions with their sincere efforts. A highly skilled and technically competent team of scientists spearhead our quest for manufacturing newer drug intermediates, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Citrate Malate from time to time. With its dedicated endeavours, the R & D team can deliver custom synthesis of intermediates for industries such as pharmaceutical and veterinary, and synthesize newer variants of existing intermediates as per customers’ requirements under total secrecy.

R & D unit is well supported by facilities required for scaling up the processes from small to medium up to a Pilot project level. We also give big thrust on process development/improvement to make products competitive and profitable in the long run by giving major emphasis on:

  • Non-infringing processes
  • Alternative cost effective routes
  • Increasing plant friendliness
  • Improving selectivity/reducing impurity levels by sensitive chemistry inputs
  • Reducing effluent generation
  • Synthesize newer variants of existing intermediates as per customers’ requirements under total secrecy.

Our Marketing Division

The theme of our marketing operations is to care for the needs of our customers. We always strive to build and maintain an integrated marketing environment within the organization. The Company's marketing strength lies in a thorough market study of health conditions world over. Consequently, we felt the need that the pharmaceutical industry should explore new markets and enhance marketing strategies. Moreover, mergers and collaborations would further strengthen the industry. Ultimately, the timely launch of new products, and the company's fine business acumen have consistently given the organization a definite edge over the competitors.

Why Us?

We have brought in revolutionary changes in the pharmaceutical industry with our research oriented approach towards developing important generic alternatives to APIs, Intermediates, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Citrate Malate etc. Subsequently, we have become a leading name in the industry and one of the most sought-after companies for the clients. Many factors have contributed towards our success. Some of which are as follows:

  • World class R & D facility
  • Highly qualified scientists
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Association with big names in the industry.

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